The Benefits Of Installing A Copper Hood Vent

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The Benefits Of Installing A Copper Hood Vent

Not only has its use in kitchens become increasingly fashionable in recent year, it also ticks all the 'functionality' boxes too. Nowadays, these kitchen stapes are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes to suit any style- either to be fitted between cabinets, inside a cupboard, or as a standalone piece for guests to admire.

And with more people subverting the norm by having their husbands in the center of their kitchen, island vents are a popular choice, too.

So, if you're thinking of using this lustrous material to complete the look of your kitchen, but are unsure if it is right for the job, read on to discover just some of its many benefits.

Firstly, copper is extremely durable. Unfortunately, it becomes easy for some ventilation systems to be damaged over time by their exposure to heat and smoke, which is why many people will end up replacing their stainless steel extraction units.

Your hood may slowly change color over the years, but this is a perfectly natural attribute of the material, and something that can only really enhance its look – plus, it can be treated to prevent this from happening if you like your finish to remain the same.

Copper is notoriously fire resistant, and can even survive an earthquake! So it's safe to say, when you invest in one of these hoods, you'll be investing for life.

Something a lot of people do not know about this material is that it contains anti-bacterial properties which help to get rid of harmful microbes. This is a key reason why many people use it for worktops in their kitchen. Your hood will still need to be cleaned, of course, but you can rest assured that you'll have that added bit of protection from the many bacteria that collect in your kitchen.

Affordability may be the only thing holding you back from using copper in your kitchen, but the lustrous metal is in fact a more cost-effective alternative to using stainless steel. Plus, it will last twice as long due to its durable and anti-bacterial properties.

Many suppliers will offer a bespoke service, giving you the chance to design an extraction hood to your exact specifications. This means you can create a personalized finish or trim to best suit your kitchen interior. There are a wide range of options when it comes to custom copper: hammering, engraving and adding straps, for example, so you'll be sure to have a unique piece.

In terms of customization, you will also be able to create a bespoke design to match the precise size you have available in your kitchen. This means that if you can not afford a larger hood, but still long for this additional look, you can opt for a smaller design to keep the costs down.

Whether your style is classic or modern, using copper for your extraction system can be a versatile and attractive way to bring elegance and practicality into your cooking space.

You can find suppliers by searching online, or by checking the directory in your local area. Make sure you find a reputable service that will provide great quality craftsmanship and a bespoke service. If in doubt, it's best to check out their portfolios so you can observe the installations the have performed for previous customers.

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