What Benefits Can a Range Hood Bring to a Kitchen?

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What Benefits Can a Range Hood Bring to a Kitchen?

Many people nowadays are considering investing in a range hood – whether an aluminium one or a stylish copper hood – as a design element in their kitchen area; these features can look stunning and really add to the ambience and feel of a kitchen space. With many different designs available too, it is easier than ever to find a perfect match for your interior decor.

There are several other key advantages, however, to having an aluminium or copper hood in your kitchen, extending well beyond just style. Here are some of the benefits that a range hood can bring to your kitchen space that you may never have even considered.

The first benefit of having a copper hood in your kitchen is that it drastically improves air quality. This may seem like an obvious point – after all, many people invest in these items as they are a way of ventilating a space that would otherwise be hard to do. Grease, smoke and steam are all extracted by a range hood, meaning the environment gets less saturated with pollutants.

The extent of this benefit, however, is often underestimated – all the by-products of cooking mentioned above can actually have a detriment to human health. Hot grease inhaled and on the skin is unpleasant at the very least, causing nasty burns in a worst case scenario. Steam and smoke can also case major eye, nose and throat irritation as well as lung damage.

It is also worth mentioning that your aluminium or copper hood also rids the area of carbon monoxide. This noxious gas in very present in kitchen areas, with serious health consequences for people who are exposed to a high level of it in the short and long term.

A range hood will also protect the user of the cooker from excess heat. As any amateur chef knows, it can often get very steamy in the kitchen, especially when preparing a meal for a large dinner party for family or friends. An aluminium or copper hood can provide a great deal of relief when preparing food, sucking the excess heat out of the kitchen and therefore giving you fresher air to breathe.

In this way, a copper hood cannot only be a health benefit, but improve comfort in the kitchen. This is especially true in an area that is not exceptionally well ventilated with windows or doors to provide a refreshing through draught. Those with smaller kitchen spaces would therefore be well off considering investing a range hood for this very reason.

In addition to making working the kitchen a lot more pleasant and making the environment safer to work in, a range hood also has the added benefit of making for a cleaner space. As mentioned previously, grease and other pollutants can make your cooking environment grimy, so proper ventilation provided by a copper hood can minimize how much cleaning you have to do.

It is also worth noting that many ranges themselves are actually very simple and easy to clean. A copper hood is an excellent choice as these are naturally anti-bacterial and often coated in a protective lacquer, making not only for a healthier environment, but also minimizing the amount of deep cleaning you have to undertake to rid your kitchen of mold and bacteria.

A range hood also provides additional lighting, which can make your kitchen a great deal more practical to cook and clean in. A steel or copper hood can light your space in all the right places, so you can work more precisely, avoiding investing in costly separate light fittings.

Finally, a copper hood or other type of range hood can improve your home resale value. As well as making for a considerably cleaner, healthier and safer environment, a hood also adds style to a kitchen – all of these are factors that real estate agents look at when valuing a property, and can make or break a sale with potential buyers.

There are many advantages to investing in a range hood in your kitchen, from health benefits to monetary ones. Whatever type of hood you opt for – a copper hood or a steel or aluminium one – you can rest assured that you will definitely get a return on investment in terms of enjoyment, comfort and practicality.

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  • It’s awesome that this article talked about the benefit of having a copper hood in your kitchen is that it drastically improves air quality as it extracted grease, smoke, and steam. I love cooking, and I’ve been wanting to buy a copper range hood for my kitchen. I will start looking tomorrow for a store that can install this in my kitchen.

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