Remnants can save you money!

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Most stone fabricators have mountains of remnants offered at discount prices.  Now don’t get me wrong, you aren’t going to get a granite vanity top fabricated and installed for $50, but you can save some bucks over what you would normally pay.

As fabricators, there is a bottom dollar we can charge and lose money.  Don’t be fooled, the labor and consumables are more than the cost of the material as a rule.  Where remnants shine is getting a stone that typically is much HIGHER in cost for a lower price.
Using a very expensive granite as an example, lets say you have a 36″ vanity top and you would love to have Bahia Blue granite on that small area.  The price of a slab(55 sq/ft)  for you fabricator is over $7000.  So if your fabricator has to buy that slab, your price STARTS at $7000 then labor is added in.  Material cost must be covered.
If you fabricator has a remnant of Bahia Blue that is large enough for your needs, your cost would start at $1012.  See how this works?

Always take measurements of your project when you go remnant shopping.  That way, you will know if that little hidden gem you found on the yard will actually work.  Additionally, expect more of a scavenger hunt tha a 5 star shopping experience.  You will be out in the remnant lot digging for hidden treasure!  🙂
Bring your measurements and head over to our location in Cayce.  We are only minutes from downtown Lexington & Columbia, SC!

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