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Discount Granite Remnants – Affordable, Beautiful & The Best Value

Discount granite remnants are typically affordable, beautiful and can offer the best value for your dollar. If your considering natural stone for smaller projects around your home or office, a quartz, marble or granite remnant could save you big bucks! When slabs are cut into kitchen countertops, the left over granite pieces are considered scraps or remnants. Many thrifty consumers have discovered that these leftover pieces offer an excellent opportunity to keep the price of granite countertops affordable. It is also common for consumers to find beautiful pieces of quartz, marble, limestone and travertine in this category. It is very popular for frugal customers to use these leftover pieces for kitchen islands, bathroom vanity tops, coffee tables and shower seats. Because the cut pieces of granite are small, they aren’t necessarily a good choice for the average size kitchen counter top.

Affordable granite remnants are available in some of the most popular colors. Depending the fabricator, it is common to find popular base grade colors such as black Pearl, Tropic Brown, New Venetian Gold, Tan Brown and Kashmire Gold granites. In fact, sometimes expensive exotic stones can be found at a real discount. Exotic granites offer some of the most interesting color combinations, veining, movement and patterns. Although exotic stones like Lapidus, Geriba, Crema Bordeaux and Black Galaxy are very popular, they tend to be an upgrade from the base level selections. So finding leftover exotic stones as a remnant, can offer the best value.

Granite slabs that are cut into kitchen counter tops, typically have a smooth, high gloss, polished surface. So, most remnants will also have a polished surface. A bathroom or kitchen counter top with a high gloss surface, will offer the most depth and clarity. Some marble and granite fabricators will offer options such as honed, flamed or other finishes and textures for an additional charge.

Granite remnants are affordable and beautiful. These pieces offer depth, clarity, durability and a great return on investment. So in a nut shell, when shopping for stone countertops, a remnant piece of granite can offer the best value for your dollar.

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