The 5 Secrets To Super Smooth, Super Fast Kitchen Remodeling Projects

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The 5 Secrets To Super Smooth, Super Fast Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Nowadays, television commercials are filled with various home repair stores touting the virtues of kitchen remodeling projects. Cable networks are filled to the brim with home interest shows showing the pros & cons of taking on such projects, but one can’t help but notice that there is almost always a catch. Things don’t usually go as planned, and while you can wonder about the sincerity of TV hosts & the despair of the new kink in plans, it is safe to say that kitchen remodeling projects can have many ups and downs.

Here are five secrets you can take to heart in order to avoid the pitfalls of remodeling the kitchen in your home:

1. Set A Budget That is Realistic – When it comes to remodeling anything in your home, the largess of the project can often make the budget go sky-high. Avoid this at all costs! Know what you’d like to spend, and then figure out what you can actually spend. Understanding these important numbers will allow for the project to start off on the right foot.

2. Have A Plan and Timetable in Place – Start the project in an even more positive way by knowing what you want to do and knowing how long you have to work. Depending on how intense the remodel is, you may be without a kitchen for a while. Just as a prep activity, try to operate without the basics of your kitchen for a day/week and see where things stand.

3. Have The Right People in Place – DIY projects are all the rage right now, and the more TV shows, magazines, and online tutorials that are available, the more you feel that you can knock out the whole project yourself. While you can save money by doing some of the work yourself, having the right crew of workers and project personnel makes all the difference in the world. They know what needs to be done, and they do it.

4. Don’t Demo ANYTHING Until All Materials Are Ready – There is one word that can be devastating to hear during a kitchen remodeling project — backorder. Nothing hurts progress more than knowing the materials you need are not available when you need them. This is especially bad when demolition has taken place, and all you can do is look at gaping holes while you wait.

5. Budget for Contingency and Be Patient – This is an important secret that really isn’t a secret at all. It’s all about understanding that things won’t always go as planned. When setting up your budget, understand that some things will pop up such as a need to reroute wiring or maybe move a gas line. Account for this in your budget. Home-project gurus say that budgeting an extra 15-25% over your basic budget can account for surprises along the way. Key to success through the project is that it’s important to have patience.

Kitchen remodeling projects can be a great way to breathe new life into your home. With the right planning (and a few secrets in tow), you can make your kitchen remodel move lightning fast and smooth as silk.

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