Easy Care Directions in your Granite Counter tops

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Easy Care Directions in your Granite Counter tops

Granite is among the best surfaces to take care of. By following these options to be used, your counter tops will final a lifetime whereas sustaining a model new look.

Every day Care and Use-

1. Clear your countertop day by day with a mushy material and a impartial, non-abrasive cleanser for greatest outcomes. Delicate dish cleaning soap and water work greatest.

2. Utilizing family cleaners comparable to, Windex, Lysol Disinfectant and 409, can be utilized however might depart a movie. Utilizing these merchandise every now and then, is ok. Be mindful, the harsher the product, the faster it’ll break down your sealer. Your most secure guess? Heat water and a sponge!

three. An answer of vinegar and water works nice to take away streaking, smudges, and physique oil.

four. Keep away from merchandise that include lemon, vinegar, or different acids on marble, limestone, or Black Absolute granite. They’re prone to acid etching.

5. An occasional software of furnishings polish can maintain fingerprints off darkish coloured granite and can give the counter tops a pleasant really feel.

6. Excessive and low temperatures won’t hurt your granite in any approach. You’ll be able to take a pan off the range or a dish out of the oven and set it proper in your countertop with out injury.

7. In case you have a seam in your countertop, it’s best to keep away from setting scorching supplies on this space. The epoxy within the seam can soften if uncovered to warmth for an prolonged interval.

eight. Slicing meals instantly in your counter tops won’t hurt your granite however isn’t beneficial. Your knives will uninteresting in a short time.


1. Your granite work surfaces have been most probably sealed after set up by your installer. This helps forestall the absorption of any compound that may stain your tops however is just not foolproof.

2. Resealing relies upon significantly on the kind of stone you might have and the way a lot use your work floor will get. Sealant might must be reapplied anyplace from 1 – four years, or by no means.

three. To check if the sealer is working, place a number of drops of water in your work floor. If the water soaks in shortly, then it’s time to reseal. If it beads up, it’s protected.

four. You should purchase sealer at a house enchancment retailer or larger knowledgeable to do it for you. It is probably not essential to reseal your whole countertop. Focus solely in your hassle areas when wanted.

Stains, Lime Construct Up, Caught on meals –

1. No sealer is ideal. One of the simplest ways to keep away from a stain is to wipe up any spills instantly.

2. Whereas stains are uncommon, they’re brought about most regularly by cooking.

three. Don’t retailer bottles of cooking oil immediately in your granite. Don’t retailer rusty pots, pans, or cans in your counter tops because the rust can stain the granite.

four. Use coasters underneath all glasses, notably these containing alcohol or citrus juices.

5. In case your granite darkens when it’s moist, don’t be alarmed. It is going to return to its unique colour when the water evaporates. This is a sign that resealing is important.

6. If lime builds up happens round your faucet, don’t use Lime merchandise. Gently scraping the lime off with a straight razor is the perfect answer.

7. Use the flat aspect of a straight razor blade for eradicating caught on tape, residue, dried paint, glue, dried meals, and so forth.

eight. If a stain happens, comply with these steps for removing: Combine a paste product of diatemacious earth (pool filter powder discovered at any pool provide or Massive Field retailer) and ten % Hydrogen Peroxide (discovered at magnificence salons and is stronger than that bought at a drug retailer). Type the combination right into a pancake and canopy the stain utterly. Use clear plastic wrap to cowl the pancake and tape across the edges. Depart in a single day. The combination will act like a poultice to tug the stain out of your granite countertop. If solely a number of the stain has been eliminated, repeat as crucial. For extra cussed stains, comply with the identical steps above utilizing diatemacious earth and acetone (nail polish remover).

Scratches, Chips, Repairs-

1. Rated a 7 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness of 1-10, granite, made primarily of quartz and feldspar, is nearly un-scratchable.

2. It may be scratched by quartz or something more durable.

three. Eradicating diamond jewellery is really helpful. Diamonds will scratch granite.

four. Sure stoneware dishes include tough silica sand and pose a danger of scratching. This consists of some pizza stones when spun round whereas slicing the pizza.

5. Use trivets or mats underneath dishes that would scratch the floor.

6. In case you use a marble slicing board, be certain that the rubber or plastic ft stay safe.

7. Chips in granite usually are not a standard prevalence. Once they do happen, they’re most frequently brought on by banging one thing into the sting of the countertop.

eight. If a chip does happen and yow will discover the piece that chipped out, reserve it.

9. Granite could be very restorable. More often than not, chips may be epoxied again into place.

10. Small chips might be crammed with family Tremendous Glue by making use of the glue and shaving off the dried product with a razor blade.

Name your skilled stone provider, installer, or restoration specialist for issues that seem too troublesome to deal with or go to http://www.kascostone.com/granitecare.html for extra pure stone care ideas.

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