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Pros And Cons Of Granite Tiles For Bathroom

Granite tile for the bathroom could make a stunning appearance. It speaks of opulence, of taste and of refined beauty yet it doesn’t necessarily follow that granite tiles have to be extremely expensive. It could be used extensively on walls, countertops, and floor tiling due to its inherent durability and versatility. However, despite of its good characteristics, some people are hesitant in using them for their bathrooms. Here are some major considerations as to why or why not use them:


Affordable luxury – Despite of their luxurious and lavish look, they are considered to be highly economical. Apart from its affordable price, the value-for-money of the tile is high due to its capacity to endure wear. Thus, it could last as long as several decades.

Scratch proof – Since they are made of very strong materials, they are not prone to damages due to scratches. Thus even if you would want to brush your walls, you would not have to worry about scratching the surface. Granite, in fact, ranks next to diamonds when considering hardness. Also, it has high resistance to heat and pressure which makes them perfect as bathroom walls.

Lower rate of water absorption – Since they are not basically porous in nature like those of slate tiles, they do not absorb water easily. Thus, application of sealant is not highly necessary especially for darker tiles.


Limited color selection – Each tile is unique but its color selection is limited only to those that are naturally found in nature. If you are fond of livelier wall or table colors for your bathroom, then you might find yourself choosing from few color and design selections.

Slippery when wet – Just like all materials when wet, they are also prone to becoming slippery. This makes them highly dangerous for places where water runs through such as the floor of the shower rooms. This is also one of the main reasons why unlike some natural stones, they are seldom used in swimming spools and spas as flooring. Instead, the use of them is focused on walls.

They cost a fortune – Tiles command one of the highest budget for home owners. Thus, it is not so surprising to realize that tiles, like that of granite could push homeowners to exhaust their budget. But as we have earlier mentioned, they are an affordable luxury.

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