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Maintaining Your Natural Stone

An important part of ownership of natural stone counter tops is correct maintenance.


While granite is very low maintenance there are a few things that you should do to ensure they remain looking their best.

Sealer is an invisible coating applied to most natural stones to prevent staining.  If your fabricator is reputable, they should apply sealer when the tops are initially installed.  Most fabricators do, some don’t.  Make sure to ask this question.
There are different grades of sealer ranging from annual to 15 year.  In my mind I am still skeptical of the long life sealers and prefer annual sealers.  The track record just isn’t there on the extended life products.
Sealing is a quick, painless, inexpensive procedure.   An average 60 sq/ft kitchens will take about 10 minutes once a year and cost less than $10 in most areas.  Simply find a natural stone sealer at you local fabricator or big box store.  Follow the instruction.  Typically “spray on countertops and wait 3-5 minutes and then wipe off excess sealer”.  Simple as that
Most fabricator offer a “Sealing Service”  expect to pay around $250 for them to come and do this for you.

Daily Cleaning:
Always use a real stone cleaner.  There are many different brands available at big box stores as well as stores like Wal-Mart.  Read the label to verify that it is recommended for your type of stone be it granite, marble, quartzite, quart, etc.

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